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Don’t just approach the hill, climb that f**ker and bail off the other side. Click on the graphic for the Spotify list. Go!

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  1. Thunderkiss ’65 (White Zombie)
  2. Boogieman (Rob Zombie)
  3. More Human Than Human (White Zombie)
  4. Supercharger Heaven (Rob Zombie)
  5. The One (Danzig)
  6. Mother (Danzig)
  7. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
  8. Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)
  9. The Hand That Feeds (Nine Inch Nails)
  10. Ace of Spades (Motorhead)


The Power of the Playlist: Creepy Cool

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Spotify Creepy Cool Playlist
  1. Cry Little Sister (L.A. Guns)
  2. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Kix)
  3. Ballad of Jayne (L.A. Guns)
  4. Nobody’s Fool (Cinderella)
  5. Fly to the Angels (Slaughter)
  6. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  7. House of Pain (Faster Pussycat)

The Power of the Playlist: Don’t Bring Me Down

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Spotify Don’t Bring Me Down Playlist

  1. Don’t Bring Me Down (Electric Light Orchestra)
  2. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
  3. Give A Little Bit (Supertramp)
  4. Jet Airliner (Steve Miller)
  5. Listen to the Music (The Doobie Brothers)
  6. Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh)
  7. You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
  8. China Grove (Doobie Brothers)
  9. Stuck in the Middle with You (Jim Hornsby)
  10. Burnin for You (Blue Oyster Cult)
  11. Crazy on You (Heart)
  12. Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
  13. Sunshine Superman (Donovan)

The Power of the Playlist: 90s Monday

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90s Spotify Playlist

  1. Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)
  2. One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
  3. Linger (The Cranberries)
  4. Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band)
  5. Smooth (Rob Thomas, Santana)
  6. Loser (Beck)
  7. Losing My Religion (REM)
  8. What’s Up (4 Non Blondes)
  9. No Rain (Blind Melon)
  10. Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins)

The Power of the Playlist: Starting Fires


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There’s a certain mindset you just have to be in (clears throat) to write romance. Sometimes you’re not in that space, mentally or emotionally. Thank goodness that music has the effect it does on us.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spark to start the fire.

Behold, the match.

  1. Call My Name (Dan Owen)
  2. Electric Man (Rival Sons)
  3. Berlin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  4. #1 Zero (Audioslave)
  5. Red (The Blackwater Fever)
  6. Embers (Band of Skulls)
  7. Black Magic (Band of Skulls)
  8. Thieves & Kings (The Peach Kings)
  9. Fever (The Black Keys)
  10. Fires (Band of Skulls)
  11. Do I Wanna Know? (The Arctic Monkeys)
  12. Secret (Rival Sons)
  13. In The Dark (Reignwolf)
  14. Wild Animal (Rival Sons)
  15. Love Burns (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)


The Power of the Playlist:Round 2

hear.Here’s another one for you. This playlist is mainly southern blues rock, but there is one band that is from Australia thrown in there that just fits. There are about 80 songs in this list, so I’ll add the link and then post my 15 faves.

Southern Rock Playlist

  1. Can’t Help Yourself (The Blackwater Fever)
  2. Deep Alleyway Blues (Leopold and His Fiction)
  3. Red Wine (The Juke Joint Pimps)
  4. Set Me Down (Left Lane Cruiser)
  5. Southern Boy (John the Conqueror)
  6. Long Road (Cashman)
  7. The Walking Crawl (Henry’s Funeral Shoe)
  8. All I Think About (Beans & Fatback)
  9. Fine Line (Parker Millsap)
  10. In The Dark (Reignwolf)
  11. Thieves and Kings (The Peach Kings)
  12. Shine (Heavy Young Heathens)
  13. Low Lays The Devil (The Veils)
  14. Ain’t No Easy Way (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  15. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

The Power of the Playlist

visit https___ldbloodworth.com for moreI have mentioned before how much I love a good playlist. When I’m writing, sometimes my moods don’t match the type of emotion or imagery that I am trying to evoke and so I have learned to depend on music to help me “feel it”.  I came across this Lynchian playlist on Google Play Music and it does everything you would expect.

A haunting energy provides visions of pavement ribbons lacing their way through fog enveloped forests. The creep factor is upped by the sweet feminine voices, barely audible at times, lilting over romanticized melodies.

It’s all SO Twin Peaks. (sigh)

Here’s the Lynchian Playlist. Enjoy. Watch out for the owls.

Lynchian Playlist

OR, if you don’t have Google Music

  1. Elephants (Warpaint)
  2. Suddenly (Anna Calvi)
  3. Feral Love (Chelsea Wolfe)
  4. Song to the Siren (This Mortal Coil)
  5. Cherry-Coloured Funk (The Cocteau Twins)
  6. Disco (Warpaint)
  7. Biggy (Warpaint)
  8. Amongster (Polica)
  9. Stars (Warpaint)
  10. Iron Moon (Chelsea Wolfe)