The Importance of Belief

untitled-design-2The Importance of Belief
As a writer, you have to have a certain amount of faith in yourself to even get the first word onto the page. Then, you start to doubt. You doubt yourself, your talent, the software you use, the marketing you’re doing, whether anyone cares what you have to say. It is a war that is won, one battle at a time.
First of all, stop speaking to yourself so negatively. We talk to ourselves with words that we wouldn’t say to our worst enemy. If you keep telling yourself terrible things, eventually you start to believe them.
Second, there are things about ourselves we all can work on. Put a positive spin on it and give yourself credit for working toward improvement. If you are writing, that is a step toward your goal! Yay, you!
It has been my experience that positive affirmations work! No, it won’t make you brilliant or rich or famous overnight. What it does for me is help shift energy from feeding into negativity to powering the positive goals I have for myself.
Don’t waste time or energy beating yourself up. Believe.

For the Love of a Romantic Thriller

Why romantic thrillers, you say? The two may not seem to be likely counterparts, but they can work together and play off one another to conjure up steamy conflict, adrenaline boosting danger, and complex relationships that build the story’s credibility to new heights.
The payoff is an emotional bond with the characters that brings the reader into the world you have created. The bonus is a satisfied reader who feels as if she has experienced a whirlwind journey or a daring escape herself, but barely lived to tell about it! A romantic thriller is escapism in its finest form, IMHO.

For those in need of a perfect romantic thriller, try this: