Make Your Bones: A Romantic Thriller

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Make Your Bones_ A Thriller (2)

Wren Bouchard triggered a madman when she escaped her mafia boyfriend, Aidan Luciano. To free herself, she triggers a chain of events that leads to Aidan’s imprisonment and forces her into a life on the run. No matter how far she runs, she can’t outrun the threat of Aidan’s revenge. Now a tutor in Colorado, she falls for the mountains and the western sunsets and begins to wonder if she could call Valley Springs home. Wren tries to maintain her distance from the residents, but the dark stranger Croy Parker forces her to rethink her solitary lifestyle. Wren’s defenses crumble and she begins to realize that her connection to Valley Springs is more than chance. With her past never far behind, it is a place to make her bones. Make Your Bones

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