10 Epic Ways to Kickstart Your Brain

Epic ways to get the creative monster working again.

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10 _PIC WAYS TO KICKSTART YOUR BRAINLet’s face it, sometimes your brain goes on hiatus. Whether it’s from stress, not enough sleep, or because you dropped too much acid in ages past, sometimes you need a little something to get the juices flowing. (I mentally slapped my hand for that one. 🙂 )

Here are some tips to wake that creative monster and get him/her back to work.

1.GO OUTSIDE WHEN IT’S STORMING. Now, please don’t get struck by lightning, but if you do, WRITE IT DOWN!

2.LISTEN TO AUDIO BOOKS WHILE YOU SLEEP. There’s a great website that has all the classics for free! Here’s the link LibriVox.

3.LET YOUR HAIR GO CRAZY. I swear sometimes, the crazier my hair is, the more creative I get. Einstein was onto a lot of shit, man.

4.GO FOR A DRIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. There’s something mystical about country roads on a moonlit night and if you play your cards right, you might get rewarded with more than a boost in your creativity.

5.TAKE A NAP. I don’t know anything about sleep states, but that dreamstate you get in when you’re just a little sleepy but not tired enough to get into a deep sleep, is gold! Whenever I just barely nod off, I have all kinds of dreams and I can remember them in vivid detail.

6.GET DOWN TO IT. If you can, as soon as you get out of bed, go write or paint or whatever it is you do creatively. Sometimes, this is THE prime time to be working. (DON’T SHOWER FIRST, GET COFFEE AND GET TO IT. WHO CARES?)

7.BUILD A FIRE. Campfires make me wax nostalgic and I’ll be the first to admit that a fire is a hypnotizing element that makes you slow down and think.

8.MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Being alone is not always a bad thing. Unplug and go for a walk all by your lonesome. The quiet can help you sift through the noisiness of everyday life so you can get to the good stuff.

9.PRETEND THAT NOBODY’S LOOKING. If you can convince yourself that no one is ever, never, ever going to see what you’re working on, then the monster will come out to play. I think sometimes, we get so scared of what others think that we are afraid to be ourselves and that’s just sad. It’d be a boring ass world if we were all the same. DO YOU!

10.KEEP A SECRET BOX. Or file or notebook or whatever. Keep snippets of ideas, dialogue, locations, photos, character names, cool titles you come up with, bits of descriptive narrative you jot on napkins, lines of internal monologue that come to you when you’re vacuuming, you know, EVERYTHING. Then whenever you’re dry, you can sit down and play with your box. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Put these ideas in random order and see what happens. I think you’ll come up with something brilliant!


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