The Power of the Playlist:Round 2

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hear.Here’s another one for you. This playlist is mainly southern blues rock, but there is one band that is from Australia thrown in there that just fits. There are about 80 songs in this list, so I’ll add the link and then post my 15 faves.

Southern Rock Playlist

  1. Can’t Help Yourself (The Blackwater Fever)
  2. Deep Alleyway Blues (Leopold and His Fiction)
  3. Red Wine (The Juke Joint Pimps)
  4. Set Me Down (Left Lane Cruiser)
  5. Southern Boy (John the Conqueror)
  6. Long Road (Cashman)
  7. The Walking Crawl (Henry’s Funeral Shoe)
  8. All I Think About (Beans & Fatback)
  9. Fine Line (Parker Millsap)
  10. In The Dark (Reignwolf)
  11. Thieves and Kings (The Peach Kings)
  12. Shine (Heavy Young Heathens)
  13. Low Lays The Devil (The Veils)
  14. Ain’t No Easy Way (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  15. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

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